[Custom ROM+Kernel] TechnoDUOS For Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

TechnoDUOS For GT-S6102 Galaxy Y DUOS

Read the terms & conditions at the bottom before doing anything !

Latest Stable Release : TechnoDUOS Version 1.1
Latest Nightly Release : TechnoDUOS Version 1.5 BDSky N1512

Downloads : Click Here
Screenshots : Click Here
Guides & Troubleshooting : Click Here

Facebook Album : More Screenshots
Mediafire Dowload : More Screenshots

Thanks To MNgez


(First & foremost work for you is to make a nandroid backup using cwm from here.)

1. ROM
=Copy the Rom to the root of your sdcard
=Boot into Recovery using 3 button combo
=Wipe data/factory reset
=Wipe cache partition
=Apply update from sdcard
=Select your cwm.zip
=Select zip from sdcard... => Rom
starting will be slow so wait and don't force stop.

=Copy both KernelFlasherV2.zip & boot.img(kernel) to the root of your sdcard.
=Boot into Recovery using 3 button combo
=Apply update from sdcard
=Select your cwm.zip
=Select zip from sdcard... => KernelFlasherV2.zip

Kernel Flasher V2 (Recommended)
Added Current Kernel Backup Feature
After flashing there'll be a "boot_bak.img" file in your sdcard root.
Just rename it to "boot.img" & flash it (when required) as described above.

Galaxy Y Pro Duos Compatibility (Beta)

Installation :
=Flash the rom as described above.
=Then flash the "Compatibility Patch" from Downloads.
=Flash the kernel for Y Pro Duos from Downloads.


1. TechnoDUOS 1.5 BDSky

(Applies to all the nightly builds of TechnoDUOS 1.5)

I. Home Button, Lock Screen & Incoming Call Problem Fix :
(Only for them who faced these problem)
(Use the "Method -1" or "Method -2" to install untill the stable build release)

Method - 1 : (Thanks to jman0)

=Wipe Data/Cache
=Flash TechnoDUOS1.0
=Reboot (To TechnoDUOS1.0)
=Use TechnoDUOS1.0 for 2-3 min (Don't install any apps)
=Reboot (To Recovery)
=Don't Wipe Data/Cache
=Flash TechnoDUOS 1.5 1502
=Reboot (To Recovery)
=Flash TechnoDUOS 1.5 1512
=Reboot (To TechnoDUOS1.5)

If any app force closes, clear it's data from settings.

Method - 2 : (Thanks to sgyd12)
Originally Posted by sgyd12
Many people have some troubles to install & after usage of TechnoDUOS 1.5 N1512
Therefore I give other method how to install TD 1.5 N1512
I hope you are not angry with me..
here my method:
  1. Put 3 zip files of TD ROM (TechnoDUOS1.0zipTD1.5BDSkyN1502.zip & TD1.5BDSkyUN1512.zip) in 1 folder
  2. Extract 3 zip files TD to each separate folder
  3. Open TechnoDUOS1.0 folder - DELETE META-INF FOLDER
  4. Open TD1.5BDSkyN1502 folder, copy data, META-INF, system, cdpp & int (Copy all files & folders) to TechnoDUOS1.0 folder (paste: merge, copy & replace)
  5. Open TD1.5BDSkyUN1512 folder, copy system folder (Copy only system folder) to TechnoDUOS1.0 folder (paste: merge, copy, replace, merge)- - - DON'T COPY META-INF FOLDER...!!!!
  6. Open TechnoDUOS1.0 folder, Block all files & Folder & re-zip (add to arcvive using winrar), type archive name, choose zip format.. you can give name: A (A.zip - - To easy flash from Stock Recovery)
  7. Now you have new zip file (A.zip) to flash TechnoDUOS 1.5 N1512 in your phone.. copy to sd card
  8. insert sd card to phone.. 
  9. Turn on your phone..
  10. Boot CWM Recoveryformat data, system and cache (be carefull.. dont format your sd card, you will lose your sdcard data!!! 
  11. reboot your phone..
  12. Boot Stock Recovery, install TechnoDUOS 1.5 N1512 using zip file (A.zip) that has you make,,
  13. Reboot - FINISH.

Extra Information (Alternative Fix) 
This problem arises due to incompatibility with the current firmware of your phone.
So try upgrading your firmware to latest using kies(Recommended) or odin before flashing TecnoDUOS 1.5.

II. Enable A2SD :
(Don't enable A2SD if you are a LINK2SD user !)

A2SD is disabled by default (due to it's conflicting nature with LINK2SD),
you can enable it following the below steps.

= Open Your Terminal Emulator
= Type "su" Then Press Enter
= Type "en-a2sd" Then Press Enter
= Reboot
= A2SD Enabled


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